Craig Lax

Product geek, consultant, advisor, tech entrepreneur

I am an experienced product manager/director, software engineer and consultant with a proven track record spanning over 20 years of delivering enterprise software products in varied and fast-paced markets.

I've been working with blockchain technology since 2013, everything from research and strategy right through to smart contract development and dApps, and I advise companies and organisations on the concepts, challenges and opportunities for distributed ledgers in financial services, supply chain management, digital identity, legal services, healthcare, media and government.

For the last 10 years my focus has been on brand protection, supply chain integrity and anti-counterfeiting. I am a co-founder of Septillion Technologies, a software and technology company, based in Scotland delivering unique identity and provenance solutions.

Product Director, Septillion Technologies

Introducing FIBRECODE - a brand protection and traceability platform for securely authenticating physical assets and identifying counterfeit products and components throughout your supply chain.

Digital Transformation & Blockchain Consultant

Helping to build pioneering digital and technology products, providing consultancy around concept validation, prototyping, design and build, launch and growth strategies.

  • Development of a proof-of-concept, supply chain and logistics app using blockchain and data science technologies, and integrated with item-level security and authentication features.
  • Produced a related white paper for a major, multinational supply chain management and logistics integrator outlining the vision and strategy for implementation.
  • Blockchain advisor for a large Scottish law firm, providing strategic consultancy, producing guidance collateral and white papers, and delivering seminars and workshops to partners and staff.